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Solenoid Pumps
Peristaltic Pumps

SEKO is an international corporation with over 25 years of experience in the dosing systems industry. We have locations in Italy, USA, Brazil, South Africa, UK, Spain, France, Singapore and Germany. In the near future we will be opening locations in China and Russia. 
SEKO offers a complete range of solenoid valve and peristaltic pump dispensing systems. We also provide a wide selection of control instruments and accessories. Our professional staff is committed to serving your dosing needs. At SEKO we develop our products based on our customer’s wants and needs. All of our products are thoroughly tested by our internal quality assurance personnel, prior to shipment. We believe our customers deserve to receive only the highest quality products. 

Our product development team consists of more then 25 full time engineers who are dedicated to quality and reliability. SEKO believes in investing in the future. We are always working to bring you new, innovative, and technologically advanced dosing solutions. We have what it takes and want to be your dosing partner. 

Solenoid Pumps

  Tenka EVO
Solenoid Dosing Pump

2 versions: analogue and digital
3 models that cover 1,06 to 14,27 gph with an output pressure up to 174 psi
1 Casing allows skids to be pre-constructed, as the fixing points remain constant, and the pumps can be selected on confirmation of the dosing flow

  Drain Systems
Drain enzyme/Bacteria pump
eko, an industry leading manufacturer of timed dosing
systems introduces a new battery powered drain dosing
system. Seko’s state of the art electronics and industry
experience insures reliability and ease of use.

Peristaltic Pumps

SEKO dosing pumps comply with the provisions contained in the following international standards:
• 73/23CEE of 19/2/73
• 89/336CEE of 3/5/89
• EN60335-1
• ISO 9001 (version 2000)

Dynamik Series
digital multifunction peristaltic dosing pumps
Precise programming of speed, time or conductivity value thanks to microprocessor technology.
Improved lifetime of squeeze tube and motor thanks to the Transaxle Technology and to new technology of squeeze tubes.


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